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Interview Performance Tips

Don’t Go Naked To Interviews

Hopefully your already realise that it’s not best you go to an interview with a hangover, spinach in your teeth and a court order sticking out of your pocket! So here are our top ten ways to impress:

  1. Do your homework You may be asked at interview: “what do you know about our company?” This is not the time for silence. Most organisations have web site and even a quick call to the switchboard can elicit some up-to-date information.
  2. Work experience If you want to change to a career in retail, get a part-time job in a shop. If you can’t get paid work in your chosen industry or career, volunteer to work for nothing or offer to do a project for free.
  3. It’s, er, work Recruiters want to know you won’t throw a sickie as soon as Euro 2007 starts. Show you understand that a 9am start means not rolling in at 9.40 and heading straight for the coffee machine. A strong work ethic counts for a lot.
  4. Evidence that you have learnt from experience You may have had a great time during your travels to Peru but an employer wants to know what you have learnt that’s relevant
  5. A can-do attitude Global recruiter KANDHU carried out research among 4,000 employees in a variety of industries and jobs. This revealed six personal characteristics predicting the likelihood of staff being engaged: adaptability, passion for the work, emotional maturity, positive disposition, self-efficacy and achievement orientation. Get the message across.
  6. A smile Says it all.
  7. Examples about your previous achievements Employers are suspicious of vague, generalised answers to interview questions. They want to hear you use the word ‘I’ and describe exactly what you did.
  8. Good reasons for leaving previous jobs These days it’s fine to say if you were made redundant. Employers feel anxious, though, if it appears you had an unreasonable dispute with your previous employer. So if you left your last job under a cloud it is better to be discreet.
  9. Good teamwork If you are invited to an assessment day when other applicants will be present, don’t slag off the other candidates.
  10. Politeness A ‘Thank you’ at the end of an interview. A short letter or e-mail to say thanks for giving their time.


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